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The content in the Learning Center is meant to increase your knowledge of current developments in health. Because everyone is different, the ideas expressed cannot be used to diagnose or treat individual health problems. Check with your physician to determine your best care.

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Should I Rinse my mouth after using Spiriva?

I have always rinsed my mouth after using my Advair inhaler. I recently started using a Spiriva inhaler. Should I wash my mouth out after using it as well?
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What you need to know about Exforge and amlodipine for high blood pressure

Dear Pharmacist, I have been taking amlodipine for blood pressure for years. My doctor recently called in Exforge after my last appointment. Should I take these two together or quit taking my amlodipine?
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Eye drops for surgery what problem can you face in the pharmacy

Dear Pharmacist, I recently had cataract surgery in which my doctor gave me three eye drops, all with refills. When I returned to the pharmacy to get my refills, I was informed that the insurance would not pay for them yet. Is this a normal occurrence, or perhaps I misunderstood?
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When to ask your doctor about a suspicious looking mole

Dear Pharmacist, How do you know when to ask your doctor about a suspicious looking mole?
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Best OTC medicine for male urinary tract infection?

Dear Pharmacist, What is the best over the counter medication for male urinary tract infections?
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Which vitamins should be taken with Dilantin?

Dear Pharmacist, My information handout for a medication called Dilantin says to ask your doctor or pharmacist about important vitamin or mineral supplementation that may be needed when taking this medication. What advice can you give me?
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Can Aleve, Motrin, Advil, or ibuprofen cause heart problems?

Dear Pharmacist, I was recently taken off my prescription naproxen after having some issues with my heart. Is the over the counter version any safer for me to take?
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What is the preferred antiseptic for cuts and scrapes?

Dear Pharmacist, When it comes to first aid treatment of minor cuts and scrapes, what is your preferred antiseptic?
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Why does Flonase taste bad?

Dear Pharmacist, I use a nasal spray every day called Flonase. I can certainly see improvement in my allergy symptoms when using it, but it tastes awful. Are there any nasal sprays that taste better?
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Should you take diabetes medications metformin and glipizide with food?

Dear Pharmacist, I have been taking metformin for years now. I was already told to take it with food, but after taking it for a while I quit eating with it and seem to have no problems. My doctor recently added a medication called glipizide, which also says take with food. Can I eventually quit […]
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